Ongoing Park Projects

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See here for any public input surveys pertaining to Parks and Recreation projects.  Currently there are no active surveys. 

Ward Farm Recreation Area

Phase I of Ward Farm Recreation and Nature Park opened on March 8, 2022.  The first phase includes 3 sports fields, paved walking trails, observation pier and nature trails.  A new restroom facility was completed in September of 2022.  Installation of the tot lot (shown below) is slated for late spring/early summer 2023.  

Future build outs at the park will include an overlook pavilion and nature center. 

Keep your eye on this page for all and any new amenities coming to Ward Farm Recreation and Nature Park.                                                                              

Ward Farm Master Plan park development layout map. 

Ward Farm Recreation & Nature Park Tot Lot Design

Ward Park Development Photos

ward aerial 4ward aerial 1

ward aerial 5

Cove Point Park and Dominion Energy Regional Park

Cove Point Park Sign

Cove Point Park & Dominion Energy Regional Park Presentation

Read the full Cove Point Park and Dominion Energy Regional Park Master Plan

Cove Point Park is located at 750 Cove Point Road in Lusby. Dominion Energy Regional Park is located at 10495 S Solomons Island Road in Lusby. The future park property was previously used by Dominion Energy Cove Point during the liquefaction export expansion project. At the completion of the project in 2018, Dominion donated approximately 100 acres to the county to develop a regional park. Combined with an additional adjacent property owned by the County, the park totals 179 acres. Park design and initial construction will be funded in part through generous donations from Dominion Energy. The master planning process for the new park and updates to the existing Cove Point Park began in January 2019. Public meetings and online surveys were conducted in both May and October of 2019. On August 11, 2020 the BOCC adopted the Cove Point Park and Dominion Energy Regional Park Master Plan. 

Parks & Recreation is currently finalizing construction plans for the first phase of Dominion Energy Regional Park. The initial construction phase will include required park infrastructure, an entrance roadway and parking. First-phase construction is also expected to include some planned amenities such as athletic fields (including one artificial turf field) and flex green space.

Dominion Energy Regional Park will be developed as a destination park appropriate for larger scale activities. Amenities will include tournament quality rectangular fields, a large recreation center, trails and paved paths, large picnic pavilions, event space, and an outdoor fitness center. Cove Point Park will remain a district park most appropriate for smaller scale activities while improving amenities available to all users. Upgrades to Cove Point Park include a small recreation center to replace Southern Community Center, upgraded areas for fields and courts, a trail system, and an expanded waterpark.

Dunkirk District Park

The new playground "Chesapeake Bay: Above and Below Water" opened in the fall of 2021. The second phase of advancements in the park, new tennis and pickleball courts, are slated to go to bid in Spring 2023. The addition of a Splash Pad is proposed in the existing location of the tennis courts.  Design of the Splash Pad is dependent on the tennis court project status.  The current courts will remain open for use, until the new courts are completed and open for play. 

See below for the new tennis facility site plan. 
Site Plan from SPR-2020-315, Dunkirk D.P. Tennis Courts, DSDP Drawings

Breezy Point Beach & Campground

Breezy Point Beach & Campground is slated for an upcoming shoreline restoration project. This project will include removal of the current groins/breakwaters and installation of new off shore breakwaters that will protect the shoreline from a 100-year storm. These breakwaters will run parallel with the shoreline unlike the current system which has breakwaters that run perpendicular to the shore. In addition, upland grasses will be used to help the beach sand stability and provide a vegetative element to coincide with environmental sustainability and provide habitat for wildlife. Parks & Recreation is working with Calvert County Soil Conservation District on this project.

Chesapeake Hills Golf Course

The Chesapeake Hills Golf Course Clubhouse is currently under construction and is slated for opening fall 2023.

In addition to the clubhouse project, CHGC has also seen some other changes in the last year. 

  • New restroom facilities were installed near hole # 12 and hole # 6. 
  • Phases 1 and 2 of the perimeter fencing project are now complete. Phase 3 is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2022.