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Crime Solvers

  1. Confidential Web Tip Information Form
    You may also submit a tip online to Calvert County Crime Solvers. The online form is entirely anonymous and is not traceable. You may be contacted only if you choose to submit your contact information. Otherwise, your identity will remain unknown.
  2. You should always call 410-535-2800 to report suspicious activity or other crimes in progress. If what you are reporting is of an emergency nature, dial 911.
  3. To be eligible for a reward, you must re-contact Crime Solvers via telephone at 410-535-2880 approximately two weeks after submitting the initial tip. This allows us time to investigate the tip and determine if an arrest(s) can be made. Please enter a password below and use it to identify yourself when calling the Crime Solvers line. Password: (minimum 6 characters)
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