Permit Fast-Tracking


Permit fast-tracking is a "while you wait" permitting process for residential accessory structures, additions and renovations (decks, sheds, etc.).


8:30 am to Noon


The following permit applications are NOT eligible for fast-tracking:

  • Permit applications that require grading permits
  • Permit applications to resolve code violations
  • Permit applications where the property is located in the Critical Area
  • Commercial building permit applications
  • Permit applications for Pools
  • Permit applications for Basement renovations

How to Fast-Track a Permit

Step One: Home owners association approval or town approval, when applicable

If the property is located within the Town of Chesapeake Beach, the Town of North Beach or a private community, such as Chesapeake Ranch Estates, Drum Point, White Sands, etc., a stamp of approval from that community will be required as a part of the permit package submittal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to receive these approvals prior to proceeding to step two.

These approvals are not a part of the Inspections & Permits Fast-Track process.

Step Two: Environmental Health Department review

Contact the Calvert County Environmental Health Department at 410-535-3922 to determine if its review is required prior to submitting to Inspections & Permits for fast-tracking, and if they offer fast-track review for your scope of work.

Step Three: Processing

Submit the permit application and all required attachments to the Inspections & Permits office for processing.

Step Four: Review

  • Department of Planning & Zoning
  • Engineering Division

After the complete building permit package is processed by the Inspections & Permits Division it will be forwarded to the applicable review agencies for review and approval.

Permits for the Town of Chesapeake Beach and the Town of North Beach do not require Calvert County Department of Planning & Zoning review, however pre-approval from the town is required prior to submittal.

Permit applications with grading exemption applications will be forwarded to the Engineering Division for review prior to Calvert County Soil Conservation District review.

Step Five: Payment

Pay all applicable fees, excise taxes and bonds after approval by all applicable reviewing agencies.

Step Six: Issuance of permit

After all applicable payments are received the Inspections & Permits Division will process the permit for approval and issuance.

Notes About Permits

  • The official building permit must be posted conspicuously at the front of the lot.
  • Separate permits are required for projects that include plumbing and electrical work.
  • Inspections shall be requested in the normal course as required by the acknowledgement of conditions of approval signed by the applicant at time of payment. Depending on construction methods and sequence, additional inspections may be required.
  • The accessory structure, addition, and/or renovation shall not be occupied or used until all building, grading, electrical and plumbing final inspections are completed and approved.