Critical Area Reforestation Evaluation (CARE) Committee

"Free Trees in the Critical Area"

The Calvert County Critical Area Program, implemented in December 1988, requires the county to maintain 100% of existing forest cover within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area (land within 1,000 feet of tidal waters). When maintenance or replacement of forest cover on site is not possible, a fee is collected to cover the cost of replacement on another tract within the critical area. These fees-in-lieu of replanting are held in the Critical Area Reforestation Fund and subsequently used to plant appropriate sites as approved by the Critical Area Reforestation Evaluation (CARE) Committee.

Free trees are available for Critical Area property owners who have an area on their property they would like to replant with trees to help the county maintain 100 percent of existing forest cover within the Critical Area. An Application must be filed with the Department of Planning & Zoning to be considered by the CARE Committee for free trees and planting sites. The CARE Committee reviews all applications for reforestation or tree planting using the Critical Area Reforestation Fund.

Critical Area Reforestation Application (PDF)

Composition of the CARE Committee

 The BOCC shall appoint representatives from the following entities:

  • Agriculture Commission
  • American Chestnut Land Trust
  • Department of Planning & Zoning
  • Calvert Soil Conservation District
  • Calvert County Forestry Board
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service

The term of each member shall be three years.


  • 8:30 am
  • First Wednesday in June and December
  • Planning & Zoning Conference Room
    County Services Plaza, 3rd Floor
    150 Main Street
    Prince Frederick, Maryland

Staff Contact

Robin Munnikhuysen
Critical Area Planner
Vegetation Removal Permits
Critical Area Reforestation Program
Phone: 410-535-1600 ext. 2502

Email Robin Munnikhuysen